Each AZÄ product represents days, weeks, months of work, but also generations of experimentation and pure moments of joy. It’s a piece of heart, a bit of soul, a part of life to get and integrate into your interior.
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Azä products are made of natural wool woven and embroidered by hand on a double chain of natural cotton. This method of hand weaving, dating from 11e century BC AD, gives a rigid and solid appearance to Azä rugs. We, the craftswomen of the village of Ouedref (southern Mediterranean basin), make each product according to these ancestral traditions, thus creating true works of art.
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AZÄ - the Free Man in the Berber language - is the fruit of a long process which leads, finally, to a company of cooperative spirit and international law. Unique products made of natural and noble materials, 100% manual manufacturing and fair trade: these are the main foundations of our business. All inspired by a design culture, mixed with a Berber feminine tradition from the south of the Mediterranean and marketed according to a vision of solidarity economy.
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Azä products also carry ancestral meaning and beliefs, which is why our signature resides in the "symbol". Indeed, the hand-woven symbols - called Ragmas - have meaning. The scorpion, the fish and the rhombus for example, would serve, respectively and according to ancestral beliefs, to appropriate evil to distance it from our interior, to protect itself from the evil eye or the envious eye, to bring fertility and fertility at home. These symbols are found in the reading lines present on our products and attribute a benevolent role to them.
However, in order to free our works from any complex reading, we keep this symbolism revisited thanks to a unique design approach.

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generations of experimentation and know-how.


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