Tunis Social Forum 2013

Forum Social Tunis 2013
Oussema et Yoann

Oussema et Yoann

à Ouedhref

"The World Social Forum (or WSF) is an international forum, which brings together organizations from around the world who are sensitive to the cause altermondialist (" Another world is possible "). Addressing the main concerns of civil society in relation to the globalization, this event presents itself as a social alternative to World Economic Forum which takes place every year in January at Davos in Swiss. The first edition of the WSF was held in Porto Alegre in Brazil from 25 to . Since the meetings of  and , social forums at all scales are governed by the World Social Forum Charter of Principles1, whose most important principles are: opposition to order " neoliberal Which would characterize the current globalization, the opening to all ideological currents for alternative projects, the absence of political parties as such. Social forums do not issue final statements, but are open spaces for discussion of ideas and project development. A manifesto was developed in , without official value however: the Manifesto of Porto Alegre, support for proposals to be discussed. The Forum is organized by the "International Council", which brought together in  about fortyNGO and associations, and that keeps growing. ” Wikepdia 2020
Noting a real exploitation of the craft sector and craftswomen, as well as an impoverishment, cultural and economic, of the village of Ouedref, a necessity appeared: To stay alive, the cultural heritage must be relevant for the community, constantly recreated and transmitted from from one generation to the next. However, in the absence of favorable conditions for work and a decent income, heritage loses its relevance and its viability is no longer guaranteed. Oussema therefore decides to unite his skills with those of social actors in the city of Liège, his host city, in order to promote, motivate and support the artisans of his native Berber village, the artisans of the village. from Ouedhref.
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