Our first catalog

Notre premier catalogue

In order to unite the craftswomen of the association started, it was necessary to start with a first unifying act. The idea of ​​a first common catalog seemed relevant to us. A medium in which all the craftswomen who are part of the cooperative would meet. A first action was therefore started with the creation of a logo and catalog, of handmade Berber tapestry products, in common with all the craftswomen of the cooperative. In order to carry out a collective plan and act through a single promotional product.

This catalog was produced and printed in Belgium then discussed with the craftswomen in Ouedhref. Feedback of the action is essential for respecting the cooperative principle, which is the foundation of the business.

A Logo was produced at the same time and printed on the cover page of the catalog.

The concept of Marketing or Branding was a little confused in the minds of the craftswomen or even non-existent. Normal, given the work they do daily between loom, agricultural fields and home. For her, the creation of authentic works sufficiently took up the marketing and promotion aspect of their work. As they said ”For us, our achievements show the quality of our work and the limits of our creativity. We don't need any buildings. The work speaks for itself ”

“The image that stays in my mind is: the craftswomen who were leafing through the catalog together and trying to find their works among the others. It was funny and moving at the same time ”

Founder, Maison AzÄ

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