Cooperation with India and partnership with the NGO Padukas

Coopération avec l'Inde et partenariat avec l'ONG Padukas
The partnership with the cooperative of craftswomen Padukas on the theme of knowledge exchange; Tapestry creation and coloring with natural pigments. Ganeshpuri-India The ecological and environmental aspect of the project should not be overlooked since the support for a craft activity, will contribute to the sustainable development of the community through policies promoting the product from its "terroir", which go to against mass production. In addition, the return to artisanal techniques of production of natural wool and cotton as well as the coloring of the textile with natural pigments (spices, fruits, charcoal, etc.) are envisaged. This allows us to rediscover this traditional culture, which will avoid any use of products harmful to the environment and will offer our customers 100% natural products. The exchange here is in knowledge. On the one hand, the craftswomen of the village of Ouedhref will bring their knowledge when it comes to image reproduction on tapestry thanks to their traditional weaving technique. On the other hand, the craftswomen from the village of GaneshPuri will bring their know-how regarding organic coloring with natural pigments from their region. The project was started with a first meeting and the process is launched. A large-scale project that will allow a revolution or rather a return to ancestral techniques that will not be harmful to the environment.
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