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About Us


The Berber woman is generally a craftswoman who cherishes wool from the fleece to the final stage of the manufacture of her work. Most often, this natural wool comes from the companion's herd of animals, a nomadic shepherd.

The craftswoman is very good at selecting and working with wool, as well as expressing her art through the carpet. An art inspired by ancestral beliefs, pagan symbols and an animal or plant environment. The craftswoman uses her sensory, spiritual, aesthetic and artistic faculties to design her work.

The Berber carpet is not only a carpet, it is a heritage. It is the expression of the creativity of the artisan woman, a symbolic to decipher which has been the subject of numerous researches, classifications and studies.

Maison Azä links this know-how, this heritage, this creativity to a contemporary world in which the home atmosphere remains sacred. The carpet takes on an expressive dimension but not only, it becomes an interior product that harmonizes the decoration of the whole house.

One of a Kind

Treat yourself to the luxury of a unique piece through entirely handmade work. Our products are made using a traditional weaving technique that allows each craftswoman to be fulfilled in the creation process. The same model, but a unique piece.


Our products are fully machine washable with the 30 ° C wool program. The more the product is washed, the more it will regain its flamboyant radiance. A piece that lives on through you and through age.


Our carpets and other derivative products are handcrafted from natural wool woven and embroidered by hand on a double chain of natural cotton which gives it a rigid and solid appearance.

Completely handmade

The creation process of our products is entirely manual, following a very old weaving method passed down from generation to generation. As soon as the weaving loom is assembled, the craftswoman uses her hands to settle in and create her unique piece, the fruit of her know-how.

Custom Order

During this creation process, our goal is to support you through your desires and expectations in order to enhance your personality within your home. So this is your achievement applied to our products, a unique piece created by you, for you.


Our craftswomen are an integral part of the company as shareholders. The latter participate in the strategic development and meetings of the works council. Thus, we ensure the appropriation of the tool by its workers, and we position ourselves in an enterprising, cooperative, social and united space.

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What a great job, Bravo for the initiative and congratulations to his women for the wonderful products they make

Dominique Irskens - June 10, 2016

Thank you so much for these jewels. I feel so happy to see them and they are unanimous with my guests. I am so happy. Finally, I left them both in my living room. They go so well together! These are my heart rugs. I love them so much! Thank you again and good luck! You give craftsmanship a beautiful sense!

Fatma Fekih - June 10, 2016